Membrane pilot at kraft pulp mill

One of SunCarbon’s pilot units is now in operation at an integrated kraft mill in northern Sweden!

The first part of the SunCarbon process is a membrane filtration step. The membrane filtration unit will fractionate the lignin in a retentate and a permeate stream. With this separation method, lignin can be removed without use of acid or other chemicals that can have a negative impact on the pulp and paper mill. The lignin rich retentate stream is then processed further and the downstream processing can be tested in a new slurry hydrocracker, which will soon be in operation at RISE ETC in Piteå, read more about it here.

The pilot is purposely build for scale up of the SunCarbon process and since December 2016, it has been in operation at the kraft mill. It has a capacity to recover 1.5 kg lignin per hour and is designed to test different operating parameters and membranes from different suppliers.

Membrane pilot designed for removal of lignin in kraft pulp and paper mills