Inauguration of Slurry-hydrocracker

It is time for inauguration of the slurry-hydrocracker at RISE ETC in Piteå! The slurry-hydrocracker (SHC) is a pilot plant for green transportation fuels and the goal is to contribute to a fossile free transport sector, the year 2030.

The inauguration will be held May 11th at RISE ETC in Piteå, read more about it here.

The SHC is an open and neutral pilot plant where new technologies for production of fossile free transportation fuels can be developed, tested and verified. If you want to read more about the SHC >> read more here. Behind the plant is a consortium of RISE, Preem, Sveaskog and SunCarbon with support from Energimyndigheten, Kempestiftelserna, Stiftelsen ETC and Chalmers.

An overview of RISE ETC, where the pilot will be located and Smurfit Kappa Piteå in the background.