The founder of SunPine awarded

Lars Stigsson, founder of SunPine, awarded with Jan Häckners bioenergy-award!

Besides founder of SunPine in Piteå, Stigsson is also one of the investors of SunCarbon. Earlier this week he was awarded with the bioenergy-award with the motivation: “For the utilization of research results, in chemical and forest industry technology in full scale production of tall oil diesel from Swedish forest products, which led to investments and jobs at Sunpine in Piteå. Lars has in a unique way through a combination of solid technical knowledge, entrepreneurship and long-standing persistence demonstrated that domestic production of renewable fuels and chemicals from the forest industry’s efficient value chains is both technically feasible and economically viable. Lars’s innovative capacity and drive is a major part of the increase of biofuels from the Swedish forest, for which he deserves a special recognition. ” Piteå-Tidningen had a short interview with Lars see more here.

If you want to take part of the presentation Lars gave during the ceremoni >> Svebio årsmöte april 2018