The founders of SunCarbon awarded for future innovation

During Lund University’s Innovation Evening, the founders of SunCarbon received an honorary award for enabling sustainable production of fuel. The company’s founders, Anders Arkell, Christian Hulteberg and Lars Stigsson, started their collaboration in 2012 and are all still active partners of SunCarbon 

The award is a joint initiative by LU Innovation and Sparbanken Skåne, who wants to encourage university-based research contributing benefits to the society  

Anders Arkell, one of the founders as well as SunCarbon’s CTOis grateful for the award. 

“Im happy our work gets acknowledged and the award shows that it’s important for the future. So far, our innovation is at the starting point, yet we have major plans ahead.   

Here you can find out more about Lund University’s and Sparbanken Skåne’s Innovation Award and the other winners.