Peter Blomqvist has been recruited as CEO of SunCarbon AB

Peter Blomqvist has been recruited as CEO of SunCarbon AB. He comes most recently from a position as CEO of Svenska Kraftnät Gasturbiner AB. Peter Blomqvist has been vice-CEO and manager of the business department at Domsjö Fabriker AB, chairman of the board and CEO of RISE Processum AB, board member of Eurocon Consulting AB and also managed consulting companies in business management and business development.

Peter Blomqvist has a solid experience of project- and business management, business development, investments and financing, quality and sustainability as well as collaborations between industry, academy and society. Experiences that are welcome and valuable in the role as CEO at SunCarbon AB.

– I am very happy that we have managed to tie Peter Blomqvist to SunCarbon AB as CEO, where his competence and long experience from leading positions in the forest industry and development companies will be valuable when SunCarbon AB enters a period of expansion and commercialisation, says Jan Wintzell, chairman of the board of SunCarbon AB.

– I am honoured and inspired to be a part of bringing SunCarbon from a development company to a commercial company where sustainability and a green adaption to bio-economy with the forest as base stands at a centre. To be able to, with SunCarbons technology, contribute to phasing-out fossil products and by that creating value for both the climate, society and forest industry is something I’m passionate about, says Peter Blomqvist.

Peter Blomqvist is 57 years old and has a master of business and economics from Handelshögskolan in Stockholm. He started his role at SunCarbon the 12th of August 2019.

SunCarbon AB has a unique process for extracting and refining lignin to a high-value lignin oil, a renewable and climate-smart alternative to fossil products, based on waste products from cellulose production in pulp mills.

Owners of SunCarbon AB are Arkell Innovations, Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering, KIRAM, Preem and Sveaskog.

For more information, please contact:
Jan Wintzell, chairman SunCarbon AB, 070-319 6661
Peter Blomqvist, CEO SunCarbon AB, 0708-508 554