About Us

Our Vision

SunCarbon’s vision is to utilize forest industry by-products for the production of renewable fuels. There is a large societal drive in moving from fossil-based to renewable-based fuels, to lower the impact on the environment and to conserve natural resources. Our technology creates a link between the forest and the petrochemical industry by using a common energy vector – lignin.

Lignin to renewable fuels

Lignin is a by-product from pulp and paper mills and can be extracted from the black liquor. With SunCarbon’s technology the final product is a depolymerized lignin-rich oil, which can be sent to petroleum refineries for upgrading to motor fuels. The oil is a renewable and aromatic product with low carbon footprint and excellent LCA results. The capacity of each potential plant is about 10-50 ktonnes of fuel products per annum and in the nordic countries at least 10 plants can be constructed.

Our owners & history

The investors, and founders, of SunCarbon are KIRAM, Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering and Arkell Innovations. The founders combine many years of experience in fields ranging from chemical pulping to membrane filtration and catalysis. Read more about the investors.

Combining the best of these three worlds has enabled the SunCarbon concept and is the starting point for valorising lignin. With strong industrial backing and a technology, which enables for increased production of renewable fuels, the possibilities for SunCarbon are endless!