KIRAM AB is a Swedish entrepreneurial company formed by Lars Stigsson in 1995. KIRAM specializes in the development and commercialization of biorefinery technologies connected to the forest industries.  The company is a founding partner in biorefinery companies SunPine AB, SunCarbon AB and TreeToTextile AB. Read more about SunPine here.


Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering

Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB is focused on process and environmental technology, in particularly heterogenous catalysis. The company was founded in 2006 by Christian Hulteberg and have three main business areas; catalysis, hydrogen technology and environmental engineering. A large part of the operation is catalyst testing, up-scaling as well as demonstration. In addition, the company operates a small, multi-purpose catalyst production plant with 100 tonnes per annum maximum production. Read more about Hulteberg C&E here.


Arkell Innovations

Arkell Innovations AB was founded in 2014 by Anders Arkell. The company specializes in liquid phase separation processes with focus on membrane filtration. Arkell Innovations offers consultancy work and manage R&D project from lab scale tests to industrial implementation. The company is active in a few different sectors including pulp & paper industry, biofuel production, pharmaceutical industry and wastewater treatment.